Indianapolis Black Alumni Council, Inc.


IBAC Scholarship

President's Welcome

It is with pleasure that the Indianapolis Black Alumni Council, Inc. (IBAC) cordially greets you!  Thank you for being open-minded to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).  We are very excited that you are in Indianapolis and that you're choosing to help with our children.  As we know, education is vital in our community, state, country, and world.

We thank our founders and stand on their shoulders and visions for education.  One of IBAC's goal is to 'Promote and encourage local high school students to attend HBCUs.'  Hopefully, the students that attend our annual college fair will continue their education at a HBCU as these treasured schools have a track record of training our future leaders for greatness.

Larry Dunlap
Indianapolis Black Alumni Council, President

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GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Application must be received by April 30, 2018.
A completed application packet must include:

  • Completed/signed application form
  • Most recent official high school transcript
  • A copy of an essay submitted for college admission
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation

All sections of this application must be complete and omission of any section will disqualify the application for consideration.  Type or print all information.  This application may be duplicated.  Please mail complete application packet to:Indianapolis Black Alumni Council, P.O. Box 1585, Indianapolis, IN  46206