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Indianapolis Black Alumni Council, Inc.

The Indiana State Superintendent of Public Education requested that Clark Atlanta University Alumnus, Dr. Alexander Brown, secure some Historical Black College Alumni to form a Black College Row at the Indiana Black Expo in 1977.  The next year, Dr. Brow asked Dr. Martha Mitchell, who had attended Talladega College, to take over the formation of Black College Row.  Dr. Mitchell with the assistance of Central State Alumnus, Mr. Bill Hollingsworth and others attracted 38 distinct college and university alumni to participate in this unique endeavor.  At the conclusion of the 1978 Black Expo, Dr. Mitchell requested that those present consider forming an alumni organization.

In October of 1978, the organization was formed at the home of Wilberforce Alumnus, Dr. Lehman and Dillard University Alumna, Gloria Adams.  At the initial meetings, interest was high and large numbers attended.  In October of 1979, Dr. Martha Mitchell received the nominating committee’s report and appointed the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.  The Nominating Committee, Mary Boldin, Gloria Morton-Finney, and James Robinson, presented the slate of officer, which was accepted.

President….Martha Mitchell
Vice-President….Roy bussell
Secretary….Mary Boldin
Treasurer….James Robinson
Historian….Gloria Adams

The final draft of the constitution was adopted in 1979.  From this document, the Indianapolis Black Alumni Council was named and the following objectives were identified as desirable goals and outcomes of the Council’s actions:

1. Foster the ideals of Black Colleges and Universities

2.Promote, encourage, maintain and promulgate a strong relationship with each of the member Alumni organizations.

3.Promote and encourage local high school student to attend historically Black Colleges and Universities.

4.Serve as an informational clearinghouse, disseminate information and maintain a presence with county, city, state and national school communities, and member organizations.

5.Encourage graduates and former student to actively support their respective Alumni Associations.

6.Develop a spirit of fellowship, camaraderie, and cooperation among council member.